Today: March 24 2019
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In the mountains of Troodos, an E. coli

In the mountains of Troodos, an E. coli

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The village of Agros lived four days without water supply because of the intestinal bacteria that were found in the water entering the village of Troodos, Cyprus Mail reports.

Bacteria were discovered last Thursday after a regular water check by the health service of Cyprus.

The Municipal Council of Agros took immediate action, blocking the water from Troodos and informing the local residents. He also provided free bottled water to local schools and private homes. Thanks to the actions of the municipality, one of the local residents was not ill.

According to the representatives of the municipality, the pipeline is obsolete and the municipal authorities temporarily (before its reconstruction and installation of new filters) will use its own wells, which have been completely inspected this weekend. Director of the Public Health Service Albertos Karis said that the infection was due to heavy rains that were going to Troodos last week, eroding the soil and getting it into the water supply system.

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