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Railway workers are on strike in Greece

Today in Greece there is a strike of railway workers, which will last 24 hours.

Already in the morning, the timetable for the movement of long-distance trains and regional ones has been adjusted, according to the National Union of Railway Engineers (ΠΕΠΕ).

To mitigate the consequences of the strike, the organizers of the action did not interrupt the communication between Athens and the international airport of Al Venizelos.

The organizers of the protests accuse TrainOSE executives of violating the labor code. "We do not want the complex situation of the industry to affect employees," the report says (ΠΕΠΕ).

Today, a meeting of the leadership of the union will take place, at which the opportunity to hold an 3-day protest action will be considered.

A source: newsbomb

Tags: Greece, Strikes, Railway

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