Today: November 15 2018
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In Greece, wild forest fires are raging

In Greece, wild forest fires are raging

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On the Peloponnese in the vicinity of the settlement of Mani, a terrible fire is raging.

Strong heat and wind complicate the task of firefighters, the fire is fixed in several points, because of the strong wind, the firemen never managed to take the fire under control. It is known that several villages appeared on the line of fire, information was already received that they burnt houses in Kato Kotron, Parasirose, Scutari, Drosopigi, and others.

Several settlements were left without water and electricity, the authorities are negotiating a plan for the evacuation of residents if necessary. More than 30 fire engines, planes and helicopters work at the scene. According to available data, the alarm signal went to the rescue service on Saturday evening.

It is worth noting that fires are fixed in other areas. At night, fire services fought with a flame in the area of ​​Marathonos, on the site of fire worked 20 firefighters and 10 machines. Also reported on the fires on the island of Kefalonia and Fotiade.

Fires at this time in Greece is not uncommon. Due to 40-degree heat and strong wind in the greater part of the territory, a regime of increased danger is introduced.

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