Today: January 17 2019
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The rules of keeping pets in Greece change

The rules of keeping pets in Greece change

Tags: Greece, Animals and Society

The Greek government approved the law, which outlines new rules for keeping pets.

Now the responsibility for the maintenance of domestic animals, as well as control over stray animals, is transferred from the Veterinary Association to the Ministry of Agriculture.

The new law categorically prohibits a circus with animals, the use of animals in any entertaining programs, as well as the participation of dogs with cropped ears and tails in exhibitions. In addition, mandatory registration of all animals through microchips with a unique identification number, which will contain information about the owners, is introduced. Under this number, the beast will be listed in the state information system, and in the electronic database can also be stored some vital information about the animal itself. If the owners do not register the animal, they will fall under administrative responsibility and will be forced to pay fines, which in some cases exceed 3000 euros.

To protect the rights of animals, each of them must be registered, have their own passport. Pet owners are required to pay a fee of 3 euro, funds from specially created funds will go to build shelters for stray dogs and cats.

Under the new rules in the apartment can contain 2 animals, this rule does not apply to single-family houses. And if earlier the council of tenants of an apartment building could have forbidden to start animals, then the new law cancels this rule.

Transport of animals under the new law is possible in all forms of public transport, including in a taxi. On ships and in buses, clean and comfortable cages should be provided for this.
The new law prohibits placement of the sale and purchase of animals in the media without specifying a unique number of the electronic chip. Owners engaged in training and breeding work, will be required to obtain a license. Owners who for whatever reason can no longer keep the animal at home can give it to the shelter.

For cruel treatment of animals, as well as illegal sale and conduct of breeding work, the new law provides for punishment in the form of imprisonment for a period of 1 year, as well as fines from 3 000 to 15 000 euro.

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