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03.04.2017 - 21: 49

In Greece, the tax-exempt minimum income will be 5600 euros per year

Non taxable income of Greek citizens will be 5600 euros per year, reported by the deputy of the party "Independent Greeks" Fanasis Papahristopulos in his interview with «RealFM».

He noted that the government of Greece and lenders are willing to sign a technical agreement, providing for non-taxable minimum incomes of $ 5600 euros per year for the able-bodied people with no family, and 5 900 euros - for those who have a family.

Recall that the new tax measures were considered at a meeting of the economic committee headed by the Minister of Finance Evklidisa Tsakalotosa and Minister of Labor and Social Policy Effi Ahtsioglu.

The meeting participants also discussed the reduction factor in the calculation of income tax with 22% to 20 2018% after a year. In addition, after 2018 year is expected to reduce the tax rate for businesses with 29% to 26%.

To date, income taxes paid citizens, receiving a salary of 400 euros per month.

A source: newsbomb

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