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In Greece, it is planned to introduce a "green tax" on water

The Greek government plans to introduce a so-called "green tax" on water.

The amount of the fee will differ depending on the region, the charge will be charged taking into account the cost of servicing the vodokanal.

The main cargo will fall on the shoulders of farmers, in addition to paying a new tax, they are obliged to pay for the installation of modern meters.

The tax will be charged on all types of water supply services, including water for industrial use, irrigation, sewage, sewage treatment, etc.

Charging tariffs will be carried out by the supplier companies after approval of the calculation plan by the state commission. Each supplier will be able to set several ranges and charge a fee depending on the volume of consumption.

According to the Ministry of Finance, the tax will be introduced after 2018 year. The fee will be included in the water bill.

A source: newsbomb

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