Today: March 22 2019
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In Greece there is a strike of taxi drivers and railway workers

In Greece there is a strike of taxi drivers and railway workers

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In Greece on Tuesday, there is a daily strike of railway workers and a nine-hour warning strike of taxi drivers, you can get to Athens airport only by bus.

Railway workers are on strike against privatization, and taxi drivers demand to close the Uber service, which allows any driver without a taxi driver's license to look for customers.

The Hellenic Federation of Railway Workers held three three-hour strikes on Monday, and on Tuesday stops working day after day to protest the company's upcoming privatization of the Rosco train, the deterioration of the state of the railway companies and the shortage of personnel, the federation said.

Because of the strike, flights are canceled on the routes of the entire railway network, suburban railway trains in Athens, Thessaloniki and Patra, as well as suburban electric trains and metro on the site to the Athens International Airport named after Eleftherios Venizelos.

The Greek railroad operator TRAINOSE encourages travelers to understand the situation and regrets the inconvenience of the strike, for which the company does not bear any responsibility, the TRAINOSE statement says.

The trade union of taxi drivers Attiki SATA on Tuesday from 8 in the morning to 5 evenings is holding a warning strike demanding to stop the "illegal activity" of Uber in the sphere of passenger transportation.

The SATA statement says that the union tried by all legal means to protect the work of taxi drivers: appealed to Greek justice, filed lawsuits and initiated lawsuits, demanded that the tax authorities activate control over illegal carting.

"We participated in an attempt to convince the European authorities, the European court of unfair competition faced by taxis in Europe.The decision of the European Court is now an instrument for every country, for every government, for every state body," the statement said.

In December, the European Court ruled that Uber is a transport company, and not a service for the provision of digital services, and therefore must act on the same rules as all other taxi companies.

The union said that the relevant bill is in the parliament.

A preventive strike is held against the "interception of orders for the transport of passengers," against those who have hindered the adoption of the bill and against Internet applications that allow drivers without a license to "steal from taxi drivers" work.

In connection with the strike, road problems are expected.

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