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In Greece passes the strike of doctors

Today in Greece passes 24-hour strike of health workers.

In 13: 00 from the Ministry of Health building Protest action held. The strikers oppose the social security system reform, as well as a shortage of staff in hospitals.

"Increased insurance premiums and pension cuts exacerbated an already difficult situation of the Greek citizens", - said the organizers.

The Government of Greece in May 2016 year completed the first stage of the reform of anti-crisis evaluation. The international lenders (the European Commission, the IMF, the European Stability Mechanism and the ECB) determined the next tranche of 3-second aid package constitutes 10,3 billion euros.

Of this amount, Athens received 7,5 billion euros, the remaining EUR 2,8 billion will be listed after Greece will fulfill the remaining clauses of the agreement. It is a program of state property privatization and energy sector reform and banking reform. At the same time the IMF insists on additional measures, without which the organization refuses to take part in a new anti-crisis program as one of the creditors.

A source: newsbomb

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