Today: November 18 2018
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Greece has an anomalous heat

Greece has an anomalous heat

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In Greece, there is an anomalous heat, according to meteorologists, these days the record of the temperature regime of the decade and the indicators of 2007 are broken.

Established in most of Europe, hot weather arrived late and reached Greece. Last week, the air temperature in the capital reached 35 degrees, and on Saturday - 38 degrees Celsius.

However, according to the hydrometeorological center, this is not the limit: by the end of this week, the air temperature will exceed the mark of 43 degrees. According to meteorologist Ioannis Cullianos, these days will be the hottest in the last decade. "Since Thursday, the air temperature will rise by 6-7 degrees, exceeding the indicators 2007 year. And we do not exclude that in some regions an even greater temperature will be fixed, "said Kallianos. He emphasizes that the air masses came to Greece from Africa.

From Monday in the territory of Attica normal summer weather will set, the air temperature - 35 degrees.

The most "deadly" was the summer weather in 1987 year. According to official figures, then 1,3 thousand people were killed in Greece.

Doctors advise in the hot weather to pay special attention to their health, nutrition and clothing.

In the heat, you need to eat lighter foods that are easier to digest. This is vegetables, fruits, milk. The use of meat products is better limited.

Afterwards, many minerals and salts leave. It is better to drink not sweet soda, but mineral water, water without gas or fruit drinks on berries. Nutritionists remind that alcohol, in particular, beer, increases appetite, and snack - chips and pistachios - cause thirst.

The cores must be very careful with the drinking regime. They have already limited consumption of table salt. That there was no loss of potassium along with sweat, intermittent with the heart, it is necessary to drink mineral water.

Doctors call to refuse and from fast food, especially food which sell in tents in the street. Meat and dairy in such conditions quickly deteriorate, the risk of poisoning increases.

It is better to eat often, four to five times a day, but in small portions to exclude the burden on the stomach and intestines. Sour-milk products should not be stored in a room, the temperature limit of their storage - plus 4 degrees.

In case of a sun or thermal shock, doctors recommend moving the victim to a cool place, unbuttoning his collar, and opening a window in a stuffy room.

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