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In Greece, television will show dozens of broadcasts to the World Cup-2018 in Russia

In Greece, television will show dozens of broadcasts to the World Cup-2018 in Russia

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The Greek public television ERT will begin broadcasting programs for the World Cup in Russia on 23 April, dozens of programs will be broadcast, RIA Novosti reported on the channel.

"The Greeks' interest in the championship is huge, despite the fact that the Greek team did not get into the final stage of the mundialya.There are world-class stars at the competitions of this level, and we are waiting for this football holiday.In this regard, the sports edition will show all the games of the championship in a straight In addition, starting from Monday, the thematic programs for the football championship will be published, "said an ERT employee.

The TV channel has prepared six thematic programs, which will be published until the opening day of 14 June and include dozens of programs.

Among them - the program "On the way to Russia" - 16 programs about 32 finalists lasting for 26 minutes, "Footballers who wrote a story", "20 best moments of Mundials", "From Alpha to Omega World Championships" - 100 one-minute episodes in different programs of public television, "Classic matches of Mundialya" (four most interesting games in the opinion of Greek specialists), "The history of the world championship".

"History" tells about the world championships with 1930 for 2014 years. "There will be 14 movies, the first one - about 1930 games of the year - will last 14 minutes, and the rest - from 80 to 120 minutes," ERT reported.

"The TV channel wants to immerse the spectators in the atmosphere of the world championship beforehand, then, during the 31 day, we will broadcast live all matches starting from the first game of the Russian and Saudi teams in Luzhniki, until the final match at the same stadium. Everything will go live, and on some days there will be three broadcasts, "the representative of the TV channel said.

The programs will appear on the channels ERT1 and ERT3.

Gennady Melnik
RIA News
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