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In Greece, the store vice president of the opposition party, a bomb exploded

In Athens, near the bookstore vice-president of the opposition conservative party "New Democracy" Adonis Georgiadis improvised bomb exploded at night, according to the Athens News Agency.

Unknown called the 2.20 (3.20 MSK) zougla.gr night to the editor of the site and said that planted a bomb near the shop belonging to MP Georgiadis. Police cordoned off the area. Movement along the avenue - one of the main highways of Athens - stopped.

Soon an explosion. The damage he caused almost only blinds in the windows of the store were covered with soot.

Bomb discovered on the site of the remains of three gas cans that exploded and unexploded five. Remains of devices delivered to the laboratory for examination.

Adonis Georgiadis - one of the opposition leaders, held ministerial posts. Georgiadis has been acting with harsh criticism of the ruling party. He owns a publishing house, which publishes, inter alia, the book Greek writers of antiquity and the Byzantine period. Bookstore Georgiadis in the center of Athens has repeatedly tried to set fire.

A source: RIA News

Author: Gennady Melnik

Tags: Greece, Accidents, Blast, Bomb, Terrorism, Police

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