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In Greece, perpetuate the memory of the Great Patriotic War veterans

The authorities of the municipality of Phyllis in the metropolitan region of Attica establish a tombstone on the grave of the Great Patriotic War veteran Zinaida Kuznetsova-Tsingelis, a ceremony will be held on Sunday with the participation of representatives of military attaches of Russia and the Russian Embassy.

Earlier, the military attache of Russian Colonel Gennady Mozhaev and director of the Russian Scientific and Cultural Center Alexander Khomenko asked the municipality to leave the burial place of the veteran permanent on the ground that the deceased was the heroine and has many awards. Traditionally in Greece three years after the burial of the bones of the dead are dug out and placed in an ossuary - a special casket for the bones, which is put in the family tomb. This burial rite is valid in Greece over the centuries.

Municipality Phyllis not only agreed to the request attaché offices, but also decided to perpetuate the memory of war veterans buried at the municipal cemetery in Ano Liosia.

Russia and Greece have close friendly relations and the common struggle of the peoples against Nazi Germany during the Second World War, they noted in the municipality.

At the initiative of Vice-Mayor Georgiosa Kritikosa, on the grave of a veteran is a memorial plate with the mention of her heroic deeds.

The solemn ceremony will take place on Sunday. Memorial service will be held, representatives of the Russian Federation and the municipality Phyllis lay wreaths on the grave of a veteran, will be performed anthems of Russia and Greece.

Zinaida Kuznetsova went to war as a volunteer in 16 years 1941 year and passed the entire war signalman from Moscow and graduated in 1945 in Germany. As she recalled to Berlin Guards her part has not reached 170 kilometers. During the operation to liberate Kiev Kuznetsova was injured. Among her awards - the Order of the Great Patriotic War.

A source: RIA News

Author: Gennady Melnik

Tags: Greece, Society, Russia, World War II, Monuments