Today: March 22 2019
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In Greece, the owners of apartments located next to the squares and parks will pay new taxes

In Greece, the owners of apartments located next to the squares and parks will pay new taxes

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The Greek government is preparing amendments to the law on real estate taxation.

So, the owners of housing located next to the central squares and parks will pay additional fees to municipalities.

Some municipalities have already begun sending notices on property tax, calculated at the cadastral value. And if earlier used the inventory value of real estate (in fact - the cost of materials, of which the building was built, taking into account depreciation), now when calculating the tax cadastral value is taken into account - it is close to the market one. All the main factors affecting the cost of housing are taken into account: not only the material of the walls, but also the location, the year of construction, the area, the infrastructure of the district - even the distance to the nearest metro station, the central area of ​​the district or park.

It is worth noting that the previous procedure for taxation of real estate was regulated by the law, adopted as early as 1931. Since then, the real estate market has developed, the real prices on which are very different from its inventory value. The amendments were first introduced in 1989. In the case of an apartment building, the amount of tax will be divided among all tenants, the debt can be repaid within 15 years. Owners who want to pay the entire amount in one payment will receive a discount of 20% of the tax amount assigned.

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