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In Jerusalem, the Holy Fire lit

In place of burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ perfected the mystical ceremony of the descent of the Holy Fire, which precedes the beginning of a worldwide celebration of the Resurrection of Christ - Easter.

Easter - the main Orthodox festival dedicated to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christians all over the world revere Christ as true God and Creator of the universe, with a real person and a living person.

Easter celebration - a celebration of deliverance from the inevitable consequences of a sinful life. Glorify Christ as the Savior people from spiritual death and getting their immortal souls to hell after physical death. Christians believe that the suffering on the cross in Jerusalem, and he died sinless Christ revealed them to enter into paradise. He thereby redeemed the error of their ways of life - so great is God's love for people.

Dates of the celebration of Easter in the Orthodox and Catholics often diverge, as Western Christians use the Gregorian calendar, and the Autocephalous Orthodox Church - different, but Orthodox Easter is always celebrated together at the same time.

Preparing for the holiday begins during the last week of Lent - Holy. Of particular importance are Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Holy Wednesday is dedicated to the Last Supper and the betrayal of Christ by Judas the apostle. Maundy Thursday, also known as a clean, dedicated to spiritual purification. Thursday suggest the order and in your soul and in your home. In addition, the same day begin oven Easter cakes and painted eggs.

The custom paint eggs put St. Mary Magdalene, which has achieved an audience with the Roman Emperor Tiberius, and told him about the resurrection of Christ. The Emperor pointed to an ordinary white egg and said that soon it will turn red, which he believes in the miracle of the resurrection from the dead. According to church tradition, after the words of the emperor the egg instantly Color red.

On Good Friday, the faithful recall the voluntary suffering and crucifixion of the God-man Jesus Christ, who falsely accused had been subjected to two series of executions, each of which was considered fatal: first scourged and then - crucifixion. After his death, Jesus was buried near the walls of Jerusalem, the then, now it's historic center.

Christians also believe that between his death and resurrection, Christ spirit descended into hell, where he fell to all people without exception, including the righteous, and brought them out of the soul to heaven and then returned to his body and miraculously resurrected.

Easter celebrations begin at midnight between Saturday and Sunday, and for a few hours before the patriarch of the Orthodox Church of Jerusalem commits ceremony Holy Fire at the Holy Sepulcher on the place of burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Subsequent forty days - from Easter to the Ascension of Christ - are the holidays, but the most celebrated first week. It is called the Light, at this time of daily services, leading to the altar of the double doors, called "royal doors" are open all day, and the bells are ringing everywhere.

A source: Ридус

Author: Sergey Bolotov

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