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In Italy, the Mafia has increased activity in agriculture

Experts have recorded increase in the activities of the Mafia in Italy in agriculture and private business related to the manufacture and distribution of products, said Tuesday the agency The Associated Press.

The study was presented at the office of the Italian agricultural association Coldiretti. According to its results, the share of the Italian mafia in agriculture in 2016 30 year increased by% as compared with the year 2015.

The report's authors believe that the turnover of criminal groups in this field in Italy is 21,8 billion euros. The experts do not exclude that in reality this figure - even higher.

"The most powerful gangs have divided among themselves the scope of food production, and got to the well-known brands, which are symbols of Made in Italy products" - leads the AP excerpts from the report prepared by the organizations and Eurispes Observatory Foundation.

A source: INTERFAX

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