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Israel angry with honors Nazis in Ukraine

The sharp reaction to Israeli journalists was caused by the solemn burial of soldiers SS Division "Galicia".

The Israeli edition Mako published a scandalous article about the mass and organized worship of Nazi war criminals from the SS in Ukraine and urged to reconsider the policy of cooperation between Tel Aviv and Kiev.

"All this is happening in Ukraine, which receives assistance from Israel in the field of security, including the consultants, who trained the soldiers of the army, whose officers participated in this outrageous ceremony. And if someone does the funeral appear outrageous enough, they should know what to 2010 years Ukrainian veterans annually participate in the march memory SS Division "Galicia", "- he resents the author Shai Levy.

The reburial of the soldiers of the SS division "Galicia", caused the fury of Israel, was held in a festive atmosphere at the end of July at the Military Memorial Cemetery in Lviv region. This salute commanded the man in Nazi uniform, and it kept extant veterans of the unit. Form identical clothes German soldiers, an event put on not only adults but also teenagers.

The Galichina division was an armed formation within the SS troops in the service of the Third Reich, recruited from Ukrainian volunteers during the Second World War. The division was part of the SS troops of Nazi Germany. The soldiers of the Galichina division were used by the Germans mainly for punitive operations against partisans and civilians in the occupied territories of the USSR and European countries. In the staff, racism and anti-Semitism were brought up. As Shai Levi emphasizes, like other SS men, the soldiers of the Galicia showed particular cruelty towards the Jews.

After the defeat of Hitler's soldiers and officers tried to give the Allied forces from the West, and then settled in Europe and North America.

A source: Ридус

Author: Sergey Bolotov

Tags: Ukraine, Nazism, World War II, the Great Patriotic War, Israel

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