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In Kiev, consider that the yield of the UK from the EU will entail the removal of sanctions on Russia

In Kiev, consider that the yield of the UK from the EU will entail the removal of sanctions on Russia

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Exit the UK from the European Union will entail a gradual lifting of the sanctions with Russia in the year 2017, the head of the Ukrainian delegation to PACE Vladimir Aryans.

On Thursday in the UK held a referendum on the country's EU membership. According to official data, the country's exit from the European Union voted 51,9%.

"The UK voted in favor of exit This earthquake, the consequences of which the EU will dig a long time ... The sanctions against Russia, very significantly begin to gradually withdraw from the 2017, and visa-free travel for us, Georgia and Turkey will be postponed indefinitely." - Wrote Aryan on his Facebook page On Friday.

Russia and the West's relations soured because of the situation in Ukraine. In late July 2014, the EU and the United States from the point of sanctions against certain individuals and companies have moved to the measures against entire sectors of the Russian economy. In response, Russia restricted imports of food products from countries that have imposed sanctions against her. In June 2015, in response to the extension of sanctions Russia prolonged the grocery embargo for a year - until August 5 2016 years.

Kiev, the US and the EU have repeatedly accused Moscow of interfering in Ukraine's affairs. Russia denies it and calls the accusations unacceptable. Moscow has repeatedly stated that it is not a party to the Ukrainian domestic conflict and is not implicated in the events in the south-east, is interested in the fact that Ukraine has overcome the political and economic crisis. As noted in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Russia is not the subject of the Minsk agreements on Ukraine and can only exert pressure on the conflicting parties.

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