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The Arab League started negotiations on the return of Syria to the organization

Algeria was in favor of a political settlement of the Syrian crisis through the implementation of an inclusive dialogue, national reconciliation and respect for the will of the Syrian people. This was announced on Monday the Algerian Minister for Maghreb and African Union, the Arab League, Abdelkader Mesahel.

According to him, "the Algerian position is clear" is against any foreign intervention in Syria.

Mesahel, whose country presides over the next six months in the Council of Ministers of the League of Arab States (LAS), expressed regret in connection with the events in Syria, which "has always been a symbol of co-existence."

According to the Algerian minister, within the Arab League, negotiations on the restoration of Syria's membership in the pan-Arab organization. He recalled that Algeria "from the beginning opposed Syria's suspension from participation in the work of the organization."

Syria's membership in the League of the Arab League was suspended for a summit in November 2011 year, near the beginning of the internal crisis in the country.

In early February of this year, Secretary General of the Arab League, Ahmed Abu al-Gheit pointed out that the return of the Syrian Arab Republic in PAH depends on the willingness of countries - participants of the alliance.

A source: TASS

Author: Pervin Mamed-zade

Tags: LAS, Algeria, Syria, Politics, International relations

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