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In Larnaca shot down two pedestrians

In Larnaca shot down two pedestrians

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The Larnaka police are investigating two unrelated road accidents in which pedestrians are seriously injured. Both accidents occurred on Saturday, 19 August.

50-year-old woman, a citizen of Ukraine, shot down a car driven by an 26-year-old girl. The accident occurred on Saturday morning at a pedestrian crossing in the Stalingrad street, where the woman tried to cross the road. She was taken to the Central Hospital of Larnaka, doctors diagnosed the patient with numerous fractures. The patient's life is safe.

The second accident occurred around noon. Gerva DTP - 79-year-old Cypriot, was walking along the sidewalk on Ellados Street, when he was suddenly hit by a car run by an 65-year-old man. According to the police, an elderly driver lost control of his vehicle, his car drove to the sidewalk and shot down a pedestrian grandfather. He was also taken to a hospital in Larnaca with a chest injury.

Police are investigating.

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