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Exxon Mobil research vessel arrived in Limassol

In 8: 05 on the morning of 14 in March, a research vessel Ocean Investigator, chartered by the American company Exxon Mobil, arrived from Greece to the new port of Limassol. It will remain in Limassol until 24 March, and then travel to site No.10 of the exclusive economic zone of the Republic of Cyprus, where it will conduct research on the impact of shelf drilling and hydrocarbon production on the ecosystem.

Recall that the world's largest oil company Exxon Mobil received from the Republic of Cyprus a license to explore and develop the site number 10. The Cypriot government published NAVTEX, informing about the research in this area of ​​the sea until 20 April. According to the Cyprus News Agency, 15 March, the vessel Med Surveyor will arrive to the coast of Cyprus from Haifa (Israel) with the same purpose.

Turkey does not pretend to the site of 10, so the repetition of the history with the Saipem 12000 drilling platform, which five Turkish warships were not allowed to the site of the 3 Exclusive Economic Zone of the Republic of Cyprus, is extremely unlikely. And, of course, the Turks understand that in this case we are talking about those who like to play with the muscles of the United States, and not about the sluggish EU, which is not able to fight back.


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