Today: January 16 2019
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In Limassol, a water taxi may appear

In Limassol, a water taxi may appear

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The municipality of Limassol is studying the idea of ​​launching a water taxi project that could run along the 25-kilometer coastal line. The system of water transport can connect the new port with the marina. Raphael. It is planned that there will be 12-13 piers-stops.

The Limassol City Hall recognizes that the problem of road traffic becomes more acute every year. Therefore, the authorities are trying to find alternative ways of moving residents and visitors of the city. One such idea is the creation of a water transport system, which anyone can use.

The architect of the municipality of Limassol, Stelios Stylianidis, told Politis that at this stage a study of the viability of the project is being conducted. The city authorities will not be able to finance the project, and therefore the possibility of attracting an investor is being studied. The authorities are trying to estimate the cost of the project and the costs of buying water taxis and creating berths. You also need to understand how much the ticket for a water taxi will cost and how many people will be willing to pay for such a trip by sea.

The European Union supports the initiative of Limassol in the framework of the Sumport program, which promotes the idea of ​​using water transport modes. Among the partners of the program besides Limassol are Igoumenitsa in the northwest of Greece, Valencia in Spain, Trieste in Italy, Koper on the peninsula of Istria (Slovenia) and Durres in Albania. The cost of the study, which is covered by the eurofund, is 60 000 euro.

The study will answer the following questions: is this project viable from a financial point of view, what will be the cost of creating the necessary infrastructure and whether there will be enough of those berths that already exist, or will have to build additional ones, explains Stylianidis.

The berths already exist at the pier of Kanika, the Crown Plaza hotel and the Limassol Nautical Club. You can also use the pier of New Port, the marina of Limassol, the harbor in the Old Port and the marina. Raphael.

As for attracting investors, two ways are considered: holding a tender and issuing a single license for construction and services to one investor or issuing several licenses for companies that can organize several routes along Limassol.

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