Today: January 18 2019
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In Limassol, a false dermatologist performing Botox injections is sought

In Limassol, a false dermatologist performing Botox injections is sought

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Police Limassol is looking for 43-year-old hairdresser who pretended to be a licensed dermatologist with the right to inject Botox. He complained to one of the clients, whom he made a shot of Botox, after which her features were distorted. And she just wanted to get rid of wrinkles.

When something went wrong

According to 48-year-old victim, a couple of weeks ago her hairdresser made her Botox injection. A few days later, she felt pain and burning at the injection site. The woman also distorted facial features. After contacting the hairdresser, she complained of poor health. He recommended that she take the drug cortisone. Later, she turned to a certified dermatologist, who helped to rectify the situation. After that the client of the hairdresser went to the police and wrote an application for a "false dermatologist." The police announced a hairdresser on the wanted list, reports The Cyprus Mail.

According to the laws of the Republic of Cyprus, Botox injections can only be done by a certified dermatologist.


Wanted is already well known to the authorities. He pretended to be a specialist in several areas of the beauty industry. In August last year, in his apartment in Mesa Geotonia, converted to a beauty salon, the barber was detained while trying to inject Botox with a police officer under cover. The "client" told who she really was, and handcuffed him.

The hairdresser was found more than a thousand injections and dozens of other drugs related to the field of beauty, the origin and quality of which are unknown. In the salon, three diplomas and several certificates of colleges were on display at the hairdresser, but later it turned out that he did not have a doctor's diploma with a specialization in dermatology.

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