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12.04.2017 - 09: 03

Lithuania failed doctrine to combat "green men"

About 700 Lithuanian law enforcers became participants in advance of unannounced exercises to combat saboteurs, which ended in failure: any resident of the city is not even called the emergency center, facing the street with unknown men in uniform without insignia.

By decree of the Minister of Internal Affairs Eimutis Misyunasa maneuvers accompanied legend, which says that the secret services of unfriendly states to Lithuania illegally crossed the border and try to occupy the border post and police station of the town Šalčininkai.

"There was a simulated invasion of" little green men "on the territory of Lithuania, the landing of the train inspectors were not trained, assessed the situation wrongly and waistcoats were inappropriate, weapons and tactics of inspectors was not up to par..", - he told reporters after the exercise Misyunas.

According to him, about 30 alleged saboteurs took the commissariat, several policemen during capture saboteurs managed to "kill". The emergency center during sudden exercise any resident of the city, faced with men in uniform without insignia, did not call.

Interior Minister promised that such exercises will become permanent. Their results will be announced after the discussion of the reports of heads of service.

A source: RIA News

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