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In Lebanon, was elected new president

In Lebanon, was elected new president

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President of the Lebanese Christian politician elected General Michel Aoun, according to the results of voting in parliament single board; the head of the Free Patriotic Movement won the support of most MPs.

Lebanese Parliament on Monday held a presidential election in the country, the new head of the Republic of Lebanon General Michel Aoun has become, according to RIA "Novosti" with reference to Sputnik.

The country was in political crisis after the presidential term of the former head of state Michel Suleiman in May 2014 years. According to the Lebanese constitution, the president can only be a Christian Maronite, the elected parliament. More than two years of Lebanese lawmakers could not agree on a political figure that would satisfy the party of Muslims and Christians. The vote in Parliament was postponed 45 times due to lack of quorum, reports TASS.

For elections to take place, it was necessary the presence of at least 86 deputies.

At the meeting on Monday were 127 deputies. For election Aoun they had to vote four times - the second round was held three times due to the inconsistency of the envelope in the ballot box to vote came to the number of deputies.

The Lebanese parliament is divided almost equally into pro-Western and pro-Syrian blocs. The main contender for the presidency of Lebanon throughout the crisis was considered 81-year-old general Michel Aoun, an ally of the Shiite political party "Hezbollah". His candidacy was supported by the supporters of pro-Syrian bloc.

The main competitor Aoun has long been a representative of the pro-Western bloc "On March 14" Samir Dzhaadzhaa supported Sunni party "Al-Mustaqbal". Later, in October this year, the party leader Saad al-Hariri changed the decision and said it would support Aoun.

Lebanon, officially the Republic of Lebanon - a small country in the Middle East, located in the mountainous region on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. To the east and north borders with Syria, in the south - with Israel. The population of Lebanon - about 4 million.

According to open sources, the country stands out in the Arab world extraordinary religious diversity. In Lebanon, there are special political system, known as confessionalism, implying the organization of state power in accordance with the division of society into religious communities.

Party lists are built in Lebanon on confessional grounds, and within party lists seats are allocated along clan lines. At the same time, religious and clan division of Lebanon has a geographical reflection: the adherents of the same clan are usually densely populated defined area and have traditionally put forward the same representative.

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