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In Lebanon, the film "Miracle Woman" was banned because of the Israeli actress Gal Gadot

The Lebanese Ministry of Interior at the last moment canceled the film "Miracle Woman" in the country due to the fact that the main role in it was performed by the former Israeli army officer Gal Gadot.

The Lebanese Ministry of Internal Affairs has banned the showing in theaters of a new American film "Miracle Woman" due to the fact that Israeli actress Gal Gadot starred in it, Haaretz reports. Israel regards Lebanon as a hostile state. It is separately noted that Gadot is a former serviceman of the Israeli armed forces.

Initially, the Lebanese authorities gave permission for the film, the premiere was scheduled for Wednesday evening. However, a few hours before the start of the show, a ban was introduced, and they were canceled.

Representatives of the film distribution company in Lebanon called this fact very sad and noted that the film is in no way connected with Israel. They also noted that the company suffered most from the ban, having already spent money on the advertising campaign and the organization of the shows.

In Russia, the premiere of the film "Miracle Woman" was held 1 June.

In December 2016, the UN decided to stop using the image of the heroine of the Wonder Woman comics as an honorary ambassador of the organization for the struggle for the rights and opportunities of women and girls.

A source: LOOK

Author: Nikita Kovalenko

Tags: Lebanon, Cinema, Israel, Middle East

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