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In Marfin Bank changed its management

In Marfin Bank changed its management

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Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Marfin Bank appointed Panayiotis Neocleous instead Miltiadesa Mihaelasa, - says the official report of the bank with reference to the decision of the general meeting of shareholders in June 11.

Neocleous is the representative of Cyprus Popular Bank Public Co Ltd.

Shareholders are also introduced to the supervisory board and Vasileios Psirrasa Christakis Melidesa instead Kimon Palamidesa and Christoforos Kittenisa.Marfin Bank was founded in 1993 year. Cyprus Popular Bank Public Co Ltd. (Cyprus) has 99,91% stake in Ukrainian bank.

Earlier, the Kyiv Economic Court of definitions and 13 24 of May (for №910 / 8874 / 13 and №910 / 9720 / 13) arrested the shares of two sister institutions Cypriot banks - Bank of Cyprus (Kiev) and Marfin Bank (Odessa), reported in the Unified State Register of judgments.

In Marfin Bank noted that according to the information from the register of judgments arrest was imposed by the court as a temporary measure to ensure a lawsuit filed by the Donetsk "PBT Trans" in Ukrainian court on his claim to the Cyprus Popular Bank Public Co Ltd (Cyprus).

"Because the claim of" Trans PBT "refers to the Cypriot banks (Cyprus Popular Bank - Ed.), We do not expect any action which would interfere with the functioning of Marfin Bank PJSC, the more that the plaintiff has no legal basis for it," - indicated on the website of the financial institution.

According to the National Bank, on April 1 2013 by total assets (4,021 billion. UAH.) Marfin Bank ranked 48-place among 175 financial institutions operating in the country.


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