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An exhibition opens in Moscow dedicated to the Old Russian manuscript of John Climacus

In the Central Museum of Ancient Russian Culture and Art named after Andrey Rublev 29 June an exhibition dedicated to the remarkable monument of ancient Russian literature - the manuscript of the work of the Monk John of the Ladder created in the script of the Joseph-Volokolamsky Monastery, one of the companions of its founder, St. Joseph of Volotsky, by the monk Ferapont (Obukhov) opens. This work, dedicated to the monastic feat, was one of the most popular readings in the monastic environment, and in the library of the Iosif-Volotsk monastery there were several of its specimens created in the following years.

The exhibition sums up the first stage of the restoration of the manuscript, and viewers will have the opportunity to see all of its sheets separately. The calligraphic letter of the book is supplemented by elegant ornamental screens that go back to the best examples of Moscow book art of the 15th - early 16th centuries. The display of the decor elements of other Volokolamsk manuscripts, peculiarities of the Byzantine binding of books traditionally used in the monastery scriptory, will allow to see this monument in the context of the book culture of its time.

A special section of the exhibition is dedicated to the author of the Ladder - St. John of Sinai, and also to the Monk Joseph of Volotsk, in the abode of which this ascetic work was rewritten, which occupied an important place in the monastic life. Besides works. Belonging to the museum, it will feature a number of icons of the Icon Assembly with the support of the Foundation of the Holy Apostle Andrew the First-Called and private collections, many of which are exhibited for the first time. Their subjects are connected with the Sinai and Volokolamsk monasteries and with the theme of spiritual ascent on the "intelligible lestitse".

The exhibition will be open from 29 June to 30 August. A catalog has been prepared for the exhibition.

Opening of the exhibition 29 June 2017 year in 19.00 (PRESS-SHOW at 18.00) in the main exhibition of the museum (1-th floor of the Church of Michael the Archangel) at the address: Moscow, Andronievskaya Square, 10 village. The exhibition will work for visitors from 30 June to 30 August.

Accreditation: (495) 6781489

A source: Pravoslavie.Ru

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