Today: February 23 2019
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"In real Europe, this does not happen." European Commissioner accused of collusion with a medical monster

Tags: Greece, European Commission, Corruption, Politics, Europe

EU Commissioner for Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos is charged, among ten other officials, in a large corruption scheme. The investigation at home, in Greece, believes that the commissioner should sit down.

According to the accusation, at the time when Mr. Avramopoulos was simply the Greek Minister of Health, in the midst of the hellish crisis that covered the country - he received bribes from the pharmaceutical Swiss monster Novartis. In exchange for bribes, he provided procurement of drugs to the company at inflated prices. The investigation believes that the rich Swiss have earned, and impoverished Greeks, respectively, lost billions of euros on this scheme.

Curious is the reaction of Avramopoulos himself.

As the official said, the investigation opened against him in his homeland is a conspiracy - unprecedented and shameful. "It is quite clear that such an unprecedented conspiracy could not happen in any normal country of the European Union," the Commissioner said.

What seems interesting here.

Firstly, as it is easy to see from the speeches of the ex-minister, he catapulted from his unsuccessful country to Brussels, he began to consider her a country abnormal. That is, the eurofilia with mild contempt for the motherland is a syndrome not only of emigrants from Russia, but of career officials of a poor "Europe of the second grade".

And Greece, we recall - this is an unprecedented case for today the transition of a European country "first class" in the second: now its GDP per capita - less than the Czech Republic, and almost like Estonia.

Secondly - it's interesting that if Russian citizens have this attitude usually, when they "go to the bottom" to emigrate - then citizens of second-class Europe do this when they serve a promotion to the center.

And if accusations against Avramopulos are confirmed - it will be also thirdly. Because it will show that officials in the EU leadership are selected not according to the principle of the crystal, but by the principle of internal bureaucratic loyalty and involvement in the necessary clans. Well, that is, as everywhere else in the rest of the world.

...And by the way. If suddenly the investigation in Greece will be brought to an end and the homeland will demand the issuance of a commissioner - it is interesting, will give it to Brussels or not. And if not, then it will be possible to talk about a kind of "Brussels club of exiles", in which, together with Avramopoulos, as the founding member, the unsuccessful head of Catalonia Carles Puicdemont can enter.

Will this add to the internal stability of the European Union? We are not sure.

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