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NATO mistaken about his "most vulnerable point for Russia"

The closer Russia-Belarus exercises "West-2017», the more tantrums in the NATO countries. The reason is that the maneuvers will be held near the "Suwalki corridor", from which the seizure, according to the Pentagon, and war breaks out between the Alliance and Russia. These fears are frankly stupid, though they tried to play even Ukraine.

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov said that the objective of the joint Russian-Belarusian maneuvers "West -2017» is «to check the readiness of troops to conduct large-scale operations under severe time constraints to prepare them." It is planned to work out "the creation of the Kaliningrad corridor that in actual operation is not possible without the aggression against Lithuania and Poland." This is not just "aggressive policy", it is "working out offensive," insists Turchinov.

Earlier, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the negative comments about the planned for the fall of the Russian-Belarusian maneuvers reflect the desire to break the military and political unity between Moscow and Minsk.
Joint Russian-Belarussian military exercises "West-2017" will be held from 14 on 20 September at several ranges in Belarus, but to attract unhealthy attention began deep in advance. The first on this account were the Belarusian oppositionists and their Lithuanian popularizers who decided that through these exercises "Russia is occupying Belarus". Allegedly, Russian troops will enter the territory of an independent state and will not leave there (why they may need it, it is not explained). But it's not that interesting, but the fact that for the first time in history Minsk has begun to refute this nonsense at the level of the Minister of Defense, and Russia at the level of the Ambassador in Minsk Alexander Surikov.

It did not work. Brad gradually migrated to the US propaganda resources of the "Voice of America".

Meanwhile, the exercises "West" are held on a regular basis - every two years alternately in the territory of one of the countries of the Union State. There is nothing extraordinary in them and never was, but every time someone from the western neighbors is demonstratively frightened. Last time, Poland was in a fit, now it was Lithuania's turn. Turchinov now only catches up with Lithuanian fears, although much more - President Dalia Grybauskaitė mentions these exercises every three days, and the local press is full of texts with headings such as "Occupation or invasion?". The third is not given - and it's very Lithuanian.

By the way, the Belarusian side - also for the first time in history - officially invited observers from NATO countries to the exercises, which also caused unhealthy interest. The press interprets this as an attempt by Lukashenka to "be reinsured" from that very invasion. Meanwhile, several months ago, Moscow itself invited personally to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, and this invitation was accepted. And in March, while in Vilnius, Lieutenant-General Ben Hodges, commander of the US ground forces in Europe, and General Curtis Scaparotti, the supreme commander of NATO forces in Europe, appealed to the Russian side to ensure "greater transparency" of the exercises. And no one opposed it. Welcome!

Another thing is that personal treatment is the highest NATO officials to Moscow, not in Minsk (this year's exercises, recall, will be carried out exactly in Belarus), caused a feeling of "inequality" for the Union. They say that the West considers Russia a dominant, and Lukashenka is possible and not to pay attention. Not the fact that this was done deliberately, but in the West seriously believe that between Moscow and Minsk is going on some sort of conflict, which can be played.

Hence the talk of "occupation". In Latvia, some experts even calculated that Russia "will deliver to Belarus four thousand wagons with soldiers." It is not very clear where they got this figure and why it was the cars, but this is Latvia. There, and not this can come up and are still convinced that the Russian army is moving, as in World War II - echelons of 120 cars in each. In Lithuania there are still sensible people who know that Russia and Belarus are a single military space, whose headquarters are located in Moscow on Leningradsky Prospekt. And on all questions, including on the arrival of observers, letters should be sent to this address.

The main "military argument" of fear in the last two years has become a hypothetical overland corridor length of 64 kilometers - "Suwalki corridor", which in the Pentagon in all seriousness is considered the most vulnerable point in the defense of NATO. According to the miscalculations of US military analysts, this is a direct road from Belorussia (from Grodno) to the Russian Kaliningrad region, so the Russian troops should firstly rush there. The Kaliningrad exclave will connect to the "big earth", thus Lithuania will be surrounded, and all the Baltic countries - cut off from NATO on land (they seem to have counted it on the globe).

In the Pentagon, they like to invent operative abbreviations for everything that the analysts' minds reach. The term "corridor SK" from Suwalki Gap has already been born. And it does not matter that Suvalkia's historical region is wild forests, lakes and marshes, the most neglected zone in Poland with undeveloped infrastructure, neglected by Polish-Lithuanian farms and with a population still living in memory of Rzeczpospolita. And the Wigry National Park are bison, wild boar and deer, "the last thicket of Europe", about which films are shown on the National Geographic channel, accessible to American analysts. There generally are no roads, all the more directly from Grodno to Suwalki and Olsztyn.

But now it's all in the minds of American generals: Suwalki Gap must be defended to the last Polish zholnezha, ie soldiers who are there, by the way, is not on the same geographical reason and wild forest guards, entertain hunters for deer, do not count.

By the way, between Lithuania and Poland enough unresolved territorial issues. But if Warsaw continues to consider Vilnius (Vilna) and Vilnius region historically its then Lithuania claims it to Suwalki (in Lithuanian vowelling Suvalkiai), where the population has historically also been mixed.

Lithuanians consider the starting point for a mythical offensive on the "Suwalk corridor" Dobrovolsky polygon - the only major military training ground in the Kaliningrad region, and carefully monitor what military resources are coming there. But in the Kaliningrad region there are no other polygons suitable for conducting large exercises, including using aviation.

In Vilnius even recognize that there is no data on the accumulation of Russian forces in the range Dobrovolsky not, but still panic. Already on high alert, we see not only the Lithuanian army (after the restoration of compulsory military service is about 10 thousand people), but also the Dutch-German-Norwegian battalion of NATO troops stationed in Lithuania on a permanent basis. In addition, the United States in the summer are going to place temporarily in Lithuania SAM "Patriot", which is clearly timed precisely to the teachings of the "West-2017».

Of course, it's strange that the Pentagon still thinks in terms of World War II with a pathological predilection for everything high-tech. No one even thinks that tanks will not pass through the Suwalki forests, and after establishing control over this god-forgotten territory, it will have to be defended on a broad front. Warsaw is easier to take, faster and more reliable, if you think in categories of fronts and groups of armies, which for some reason and do in the Pentagon in the XXI century. You can also take a walk on the "Armata" from the Medininkai border post through Vilnius, Kaishyadorys and Kaunas to Marijampolė, that is, to the border with the same Kaliningrad region. Moreover, this route is preferable to the access to Pagėgiai-Sovetsk (historical Tilsit), since it is not necessary to cross the Neman. The Tilsit bridge can blow up.

Such a state of mind at the Pentagon inspires sadness. With Lithuanians bribes are smooth, but their older brother should be somewhat wiser. In any case, access to the teachings of the NATO observers and personally Jens Stoltenberg will be provided. And who's more panic - Balts or American generals who invent from scratch "Russia's strategic plans" to be clear closer to the fall. That is, the teachings of which will take place in the normal mode, as always were.

A source: LOOK

Author: Eugene Kroutikov

Tags: Russia, Belarus, Army Doctrine, NATO, Politics, Research, Europe, Baltic States, Poland, West

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