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21.03.2017 - 06: 23

In Nicosia held the theatrical festival "Five Nights in Cyprus"

"Ark Theatre" will take part in the First International Festival "Five Nights in Cyprus". The competition is declared the show "Melody of the Aleutian Islands," based on the writings and the plays of Chekhov.

The festival will be held on 27 31 March in the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia.

In addition to the competition program, which also declared theaters of Moscow and Cyprus, will be held master-classes of teachers and theater directors, actors' training, meetings with famous theatrical art of Russia and Cyprus.

"Theatrical Ark" will play "Melody of the Aleutian Islands," which premiered in February 2011 years. The basis of the statement laid correspondence ensued between the writer and twenty Lika Mizinova. The audience turns the whole kaleidoscope of emotions - an irony, contempt, love, hate, frustration, and coquetry.

"Melody of the Aleutian Islands" - a clever, ironic and serious at the same time play, breaking patterns related to Chekhov. So, Anton Pavlovich somehow decided to portray older people. "Theatrical Ark", destroying the stereotype and shows a young, beautiful, glowing eyes of Chekhov by Gennadiy Hasanov, sincerely in love with Face, played by Ekaterina Arkhipova.

By the way, the show already has a diploma "For the artistic integrity" at the XVI International youth theater festival "Russian classics. Lobnya-2011 ». Good luck to our "ark of the Theatre" at the festival in Cyprus!

A source: Sergievskie statements

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