Today: December 16 2018
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In Paphos, another reservoir spread

In Paphos, another reservoir spread

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13 February local residents noted that the Pomos reservoir is overflowing with water. This is another good sign, after 26 January the Argaka reservoir overflowed.

On Tuesday, it was noted that the smallest reservoir Pomos (860 thousand cubic meters) was flooded with water. The reason for the overflow is intense rains that took place in January, which created a continuous stream in the reservoir, reports Philenews.

But despite the fact that the two reservoirs are already overflowing with water, due to the condition of the larger reservoirs, the water balance of the Pafos region is still at a negative level. According to the information of the Department of Water Resources, the reservoir Asprokremmos is filled only by 25%, Kannaviou - by 28%, Mavrokolympos - by 46%. Also, the other two reservoirs, Chrysochous and Evretou, are filled at 39% and 58%, respectively.

Elena Savchenko
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