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21.03.2017 - 12: 58

The Israeli parliament introduced a bill on the celebration of May 9

The party "Our Home - Israel" (NDI) has made to the country's parliament (Knesset) on the celebration of Victory Day bill over the Nazis in World War II 9 May at the state level. On Tuesday, March 21, reports TASS.

As the agency's press secretary Michael Feigin LRU, if approved the bill «9 May will be entered in the register of public holidays."

At present, Israel is home to about 10 thousand participants of the Second World War.

In 2017 72-year marks the anniversary of the Victory over Nazi Germany.

In February 2016 was reported that the Israeli ministerial committee on legislation supported the bill on the inclusion of the Victory Day, celebrated 26 Iyar, in the Jewish religious calendar. The initiator of the bill became the country's largest religious party Shas.

On Iyar 26 5705 years from the creation of the world fell in May 9 1945-th. In the past year the holiday fell on June 3. Iyar - the second month of the Jewish calendar on the count of the Exodus from Egypt and eight, counting from the Creation to Tishri.

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