Today: January 18 2019
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One of the most revered shrines of Greece arrived in St. Petersburg - the icon of Panagia Sumela

One of the most revered shrines of Greece arrived in St. Petersburg - the icon of Panagia Sumela


One of the most revered shrines in Greece - the icon of Panagia Sumela arrived in St. Petersburg. In the northern capital it was delivered by the delegation of the Church of Greece headed by Metropolitan Petyeleimon of Vera.

On Monday at the Pulkovo airport, metropolitan St. Petersburg and Ladoga Varsonofiy, governor Georgy Poltavchenko, chairman of the Legislative Assembly Vyacheslav Makarov, clergymen of the metropolia, as well as young people in Greek national costumes greeted the image, the website of the St. Petersburg metropolis reported. As part of the Greek delegation came a member of the Council of Council of Compatriots in Greece, adviser to the Governor of St. Petersburg Konstantin Gabaeridis.

Such a gift Greek clergymen made St. Petersburg specially for the celebration of the day of memory of Prince Alexander Nevsky - he is considered the heavenly patron of the city.

On the feast of the transfer of the relics of St. Alexander Nevsky, 12 September, the icon will be carried in the citywide cross procession from the Kazan Cathedral to Alexander Nevsky Square. Then the shrine will be delivered to the Transfiguration Cathedral, where it will be until 18 September.


The miraculous icon of the Mother of God "Panagia Sumela" (Greek "The All-Holy from Mount Mel)" - the image of the Virgin, according to tradition written by the Apostle and Evangelist Luke. Until the end of the IV century, the icon was in the Athenian temple in honor of the Mother of God. According to ancient sources, two monks Barnabas and Sophronius came to this temple to worship the venerable image written by the Evangelist Luke, after which the Mother of God told them to follow the icon to Pontus (the northeast region of Asia Minor) and on Mount Mela to establish a monastery. The monastery of Panagia Sumelskaya was abandoned in 1922 during the exchange of population between Greece and Turkey. Relics of the monastery, including the miraculous icon "Panagia Sumela", were first saved from loss by the Pontian Greeks, and later, in 1930, they were transported to Greece, where they stay in the new monastery of Panagia Sumela near the town of Veria in Macedonia.

Paul Onoyko
Russian Athens
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