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09.06.2016 - 11: 44

In Moscow, crashed Su-27 «Russian Knights", a pilot killed

Crashed in the suburbs is a military aircraft Su-27 aerobatic team "Russian Knights" and its pilot was killed, said a source in law enforcement agencies. Earlier it was reported about the crash in the Moscow region MiG-29.

"Crashed today near the village of Muranovo plane was part of the aerobatic team" Russian Knights "VKS Russia. Its pilot was killed, "- he told Tass.

According to the source, to the collapse could lead piloting error or engine failure. "The reasons for early yet to speak. Basic version - pilot error or engine failure ", - said the source.

The interviewee said that the fallen fighter piloted by Major Sergey Eremenko. Officially, this information is not confirmed.

Sergey Eremenko - extreme right wingman, Maj. In 2003 he graduated from the Krasnodar Military Aviation Institute. He served in 31-th Fighter Wing. Since 2010 years served in Kubinka. During his military service has mastered the Yak-52 aircraft L-39, 29-MiG, Su-27. Incident on the data types of aircraft 800 hours. Aerobatics is engaged with 2011 years. Military pilot 1-class.

Earlier it was reported that in the Moscow region crashed military aircraft, presumably, the MiG-29.

The plane crashed in 2 kilometers from the village Muranovo. He fell in the forest belt, houses near there, no explosion after the fall.

Near the town is Muranovo Ashukino, where on Thursday the Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia Yury Borisov and Chief of the Air Force Viktor Bondarev space opened monument to aviators Colonel-General.

At the opening ceremony of the monument of Ashukino flying aircraft aerobatic team "Russian Knights".

Recall also, 3 June, the representative of the US Navy reported that the crash of the fighter-bomber F / A-18 in Smyrna pilot was killed. The accident occurred in 15.00 local time (23.00 MSK) immediately after takeoff. Crashed plane belonged to the aerobatic team US Navy "Blue Angels» (Blue Angels).

In addition, 2 June crashed fighter F-16 demonstration squadron of the US Air Force Thunderbirds, fly over the Air Force Academy in Colorado. At the time of the accident on the territory of the Academy was the US President Barack Obama.

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