Today: August 20 2018
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In the port of Limassol there is a winter cruise season

In the port of Limassol there is a winter cruise season

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The consortium DP World Limassol, which among others manages the passenger terminal of Limassol, opens the winter cruise season. 11 October, the port of Limassol was visited by two cruise liners - Mein Schiff 1 and MS Braemar, whose passengers took advantage of the opportunity to see the sights of the city during the parking.

So, the liner Mein Schiff 1 was moored in the port for the night. The vessel belonging to the American-German company TUI Cruises has the following parameters: displacement 76 522 t, length 259 m. Capacity 2 600 passengers and 909 crew members.

In turn, the 195-meter MS Braemar is operated by the Norwegian cruise company Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, based in the UK. In the port of Limassol, he will stay all day.

According to Charles Mibi, CEO of DP World Limassol, Limassol is an attractive destination on cruise routes. This year, the number of tourists in Cyprus increased by 10% compared to 2016. Sunset at the port of cruise ships positively affects the local economy, Mibi stressed.

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