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V.R. Legoyda: In boundless network "battles" a person is infinitely far from crying for his sins

Speaking on the air of the program "Bright Evening" on the radio "Vera" the chairman of the Synodal department for the relationship of the Church with society and the media VR. Legoyda called for restraint in the network disputes that unfold on various issues of social and religious life.

"In one of the classic spiritual works, Lestvice by the Monk John of the Ladder, it is said:" At the end of our life we ​​will be accused not because they did not do theology and did not work miracles, but because they did not weep for their sins, "" - recalled VR. Legoida.

"In boundless network" battles "a person is infinitely far from crying for his sins. There is everything except this. A person who weeps for his sins does not deal with the problems of a speck, a branch or a branch in the eye of a neighbor, he tries to stretch his log, "he added, urging participants in online discussions to spend all their energies on establishing Christ's love in the world, and not pour out" righteous anger "On their opponents.

"I have to participate in some online discussions, and I understand that sometimes I spend more on them than on prayer. I'm afraid I'm not the only one, "said the Chair of the Church's Relations with the Society and the Media.

"Some people quite sincerely believe that their service is in the network" struggle ". So they uphold the holiness of the saints - although the big question is how much the saints need it - or the freedom of the artist, which for some reason has also become a "sacred cow" for some reason, "he stressed.

According to the representative of the Church, the verdict of such a behavior is the phrase of the Monk Seraphim of Sarov: "Get the spirit of peace, and then thousands of souls will be saved near you."

"The aspiration of all to teach, to save, to reprove is born, probably in the hope that the" spirit of peace "will be granted for this. But the Gospel offers us another recipe: "Take out the log first from your eye and then you will see how to remove the mote out of the eye of your brother" (Matthew 7: 5), "concluded VR. Legoida.

A source: Pravoslavie.Ru

Tags: Religion, Orthodoxy, Internet

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