Today: January 20 2019
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In Russia, nothing is produced? You are very wrong

In Russia, nothing is produced? You are very wrong

Tags: Russia, Industry, Economics

How often do you hear stories about the fact that nothing is produced in Russia except oil and gas? Us - all the time. That is why in this issue we will pay special attention to production news. And this is news in just one week.

Production time

In the Belgorod region a large brick factory with investments over 5 billion rubles was opened. In Kuzbass, the first stage of a large coal complex was launched. In the city of Chaikovsky, the Perm Territory, a new weaving industry was opened. In Karelia launched a plant for processing berries. In Bashkortostan the breeding-hybrid center. In Zaraysk, near Moscow, there is a large elevator. In Ufa, a new dairy plant was built from scratch. In the Volgograd region, after modernization, a fruit processing plant has been opened with a capacity doubled. In Tatarstan and the Kaliningrad region there are three new cattle-breeding complexes. EURAS has launched a new 320-ton converter worth 1 billion rubles. In Togliatti opened a pharmaceutical factory worth more than 1 billion rubles. Here will be produced about 50 drugs from the list of vital. In the Stavropol Territory, the production of composite reinforcement is open. All the equipment is at the enterprise of the Russian production. Such fittings are used in construction and agriculture. By the way, the Russian market of composite materials is estimated at 53 billion rubles today and is growing by 20% annually. The Tyumen plant of drilling rigs completed a large-scale modernization with an investment volume of 850 million rubles. As a result, 300 created new jobs. Meanwhile, in the Saratov region launched drilling complex of a new generation of domestic production. Complex weight of 1200 tons is intended for cluster drilling of wells with depth up to 5 km. In Rostov-on-Don, a new substation worth 1 billion rubles was launched. It will provide energy to the entire left bank of the Don and will give impetus to its further development.

Time of export

According to recent data for the first half of the year 2017 non-raw non-energy exports of Russia increased by 19% and exceeded 57 billion. The main contribution to its increase was made by metal products (45%), food (16%), chemical products (15%), engineering products and forest products (by 7%).

There are technological products with high added value in our export structure. For example, modern agricultural machinery, exports of which grew by one and a half times. Russian harvesters, tractors and mowers are supplied in more than 50 countries around the world. So, Rostselmash combines produced a real furore in Poland. Polish farmers pay attention to the fact that in complex conditions for other models, for example, high humidity, Russian harvesters continue to function without any defects.

And at this time EVRAZ NTMK for the first time shipped a consignment of railway wheels to the German operator DeutscheBahn. Before that, German experts conducted a large-scale audit of the Russian plant, meticulously checked all the corners and recognized that the organization of production fully meets the requirements, and hence the contract can be concluded. Until the end of the year EVRAZ NTMK will ship 1440 wheels to Germany for German passenger cars.

Time of space

It seems that after some cooling interest in the cosmos, humanity has turned its eyes to the stars again. The reason for this - the emergence of new technologies and approaches that promise great benefits to those who risk tearing themselves off the ground. So, the volume of investments in space companies for the last 6 years has grown almost 8 times to 3 billion dollars. The world's largest entrepreneurs, such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and, including Russian, for example, Yuri Milner, are investing billions in space projects. In general, these are the directions for extracting minerals outside the Earth, space tourism and satellite systems. However, for the time being, there is no complete understanding as to how private companies can be more successful than state-owned companies. So the company SpaceX Ilona Mask, although continuing experiments with the re-launch of reusable missiles, but get out of quarterly losses is not able and does not expect that it will be its main source of income.

However, private companies in Russia are not doing well either. According to some information, the satellite launched by the company "Dauria Aerospace", about which we told recently, does not get in touch. But there is good news. The other day our cosmonauts Sergei Ryazansky and Fedor Yurchikhin launched a new Russian professional satellite TNS-0 No2. The satellite was created not by a private company or students, but by the holding company "RKS" and opens interesting prospects for our space industry. It will allow laying the scientific and technological basis for creating groups based on nanosatellites and small vehicles for deep space exploration. In a few years, small spacecraft will be able to solve serious problems much cheaper than traditional large satellites. The volume of this market already exceeds 2 billion dollars, and in the next decade will grow, at least, in 4 times. Therefore, it is extremely important for us, as a space power, to have time to occupy our widest possible segment. For what, in fact, and are being tested our nanosatellites and new technologies.

Time of the Union

This week the first Belarusian electric car was introduced. It is based on the Geely SC7 production car of the Belarusian assembly, but Russia has the most direct relation to it. The fact is that the traction battery is of Russian manufacture, the St. Petersburg company Ener Zed. This contradicts the widespread myth that Russia buys all lithium-ion batteries abroad. We not only produce them ourselves, but we also deliver them to the largest foreign corporations. For example, the mentioned "En Energy Zed", already 10 years sells its products to Volvo, Hyundai and other world manufacturers. That's Belarus preferred the Russian supplier, although it could choose a Chinese manufacturer, given that the electric car is produced on the basis of the Chinese Geely. More details about the prospects of our and foreign electric vehicles and the fact that the first Russian electric vehicle was created as far back as 1899 - see the video on the link in the description.

Meanwhile, the construction of the most ambitious joint project of Russia and Belarus - the Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant - is continuing. One of these days, one of the key stages was completed - welding of the main circulating pipeline. And right now the unique transport special operation continues. The giant stoton gateway of the Russian enterprise Tyazhmash is moving along the Volga towards Belarus. Most of the way he will overcome by land. To move the gateway, we assembled a special platform with a length of 27 meters, which is moved by a tractor. And to overcome the ups and downs on the road, from the rear to the platform rests another machine - a pusher. On the way of transport, power lines are temporarily disconnected and dismantled and other obstacles are eliminated. On "Tyazhmash" the second gateway for BelAES is already being manufactured. More information about the positive cooperation between Russia and Belarus can be found on the website of our partners at

Necessary business

In the last issue, we talked about how ordinary citizens of one of Moscow's districts were able to force the municipal government to build in their yard a modern park in the wasteland. But in fact, there are many similar stories outside the capital. Slowly but surely, our habitat is changing. At the moment, the most ambitious state program for landscaping is being implemented for 25. It involves 1657 cities and towns. And the first to complete all works was Spas-Demensk, a district center in the Kaluga region. In the town, where a little more than 4000 people live, the public program in the center of the city was ennobled by a park and a park, 24 courtyards were landscaped. And such programs, for sure, work in your city, you just need to learn how to slow down officials and not be lazy yourself.

As, for example, these two guys who for 10 days with their own hands sawed out a whole fairy-tale park for the village in the Voronezh region. And it happened on the initiative of the head of the rural settlement, which herself wrote the project, defended it in the region, received a grant from the budget and attracted talented nuggets for implementation. And if there was something stained in the course of this business, it's only the elm, from which the masters made fabulous figures for the joy of the children.

Or here is another story that our audience sent us a deacon about. Nicholas. About how simple people without a penny of public money built a temple. It has a hand-to-hand fighting club for children and teenagers for 300 people, an art studio, a Volunteers club and a Young Intelligence Club. Anyone can participate in them. And concludes o. Nikolay wrote his letter to the editor: "And let them say that the eagles' eagles, that the church lives on the people's money,
How architectural and spiritual pearls are created in Russia. As well as
It was hundreds of years ago. "

Time of Man

In the Krasnoyarsk region, parents lost two children - 5-year-old Vitka and 8-year-old Vovka. As it turned out later, the guys found a raft of one logging organization, climbed on it, but he got away, and they were carried by the current along the Angara. When the parents missed, a search operation was started, which was led by the local district police officer Alexander Gusakov. By a lucky chance the children were noticed on the raft, then the policeman rushed ashore, grabbed his boat and several kilometers of fights without stopping to overtake the mountain-travelers. The guys managed to catch up, save and hand over to their parents. Now their health is not threatened, and they will remember their swimming all their lives.


For 5 years every week our project shows you that life consists not only of scandals and negativity, but also of a huge amount of really kind and inspiring news. But we do not invent anything - it's you, the viewer, that creates this news with your work at the factories of the country, in scientific laboratories and your good, sometimes heroic deeds. Glory to you - a citizen of Russia.

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