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In Russia, a beautiful park was built in Krasnodar

In Russia, a beautiful park was built in Krasnodar

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In Russia, another miracle happened. In Krasnodar, built an incredibly steep park. When you look at what happened, you want to close the blog, stop producing videos on YouTube and take photos of public spaces in Europe. Because now there are places in Russia that are not ashamed to show to western urbanists.

A large park was opened in late September near the stadium "Krasnodar". Rather, it is not very large (22,7 hectare, our Gorky Park is 5 times larger), but for the post-Soviet era it is simply unbelievable that such a vast territory in the capital of the region was not built up with residential high-rise buildings and was not given to the SEC.

In this regard, the city was very fortunate that the fate of the land was managed not by officials, but by a private investor. Park near the stadium, like the stadium itself, was opened by the founder of the network "Magnet" Sergei Galitsky. It is built entirely on the means of a billionaire, the Krasnodar Territory has not invested a ruble.

Some journalists have already called the park "Krasnodar Charge", but officially it is not called. There is a working name "Krasnodar Recreation Park", and on Yandex.Maps the object is marked as the Black-Green Park (the colors of FC "Krasnodar"). But there is a chance that in the spring, when the park opens completely, the name will be replaced.

About the stadium you probably already heard. This is one of the most beautiful stadiums in Russia. He is strict and elegant, like a good suit. A real decoration of the city. Organizing space in front of the stadium is a very difficult task. Unlike other public spaces, at the stadium several times a month there is an influx of people. Tens of thousands of people come to the match, so usually around the stadium make just an asphalt field. In Krasnodar, they tried to solve this problem.

Near the stadium a huge park appeared.

The park was designed by the German architectural bureau gmp International, the same as that developed by the project of the stadium "Krasnodar".

The Bureau is known primarily for the construction of sports facilities. His portfolio, for example, includes the reconstruction of the Olympic Stadium in Berlin and the Olympic Stadium in Kiev, the construction of stadiums for the World Cup 2010 and FM-2014 in South Africa and Brazil. Often gmp at the same time works with the adjacent territory, and the park in Krasnodar is no exception.

In addition, the bureau has built many new facilities in China, from congress centers to opera houses. Now, under the project gmp in the Shanghai port area, a whole city for 800 thousand inhabitants is being built from scratch.

From the height of the park looks mesmerizing.

From the ground too it is quite good. 29 September was a "technical discovery", some works are not yet completed. But in the park you can already walk (though, only in the afternoon)!

There is a very dangerous moment here. When people draw a park design in a plan, they usually do not think how it will look from the ground. But the park is made for people. Many of you will enjoy the patterns of the tracks from a bird's eye view? Therefore, most examples of improvement, which are drawn for a beautiful carpet of the general plan, look wretched from the ground.

The park in Krasnodar is slightly affected by this problem. The authors were sometimes too addicted to a beautiful picture. For example, here is a spiral hill, on top of which there are several benches. I would like something more in reward for such a difficult path! Again, many on the way back will cut the road)

Here, people will start to cut their way, and the lawn will constantly collapse.

But, in principle, the park looks good both from the air and from the ground.

The proximity of the stadium requires making too wide alleys that could accommodate crowds of fans if necessary.

A little secret: benches with backs are much better than benches without backs. And given the weather in Krasnodar, it seems strange to me to make so many seats without protection from the sun. Here it would be necessary to make a pergola or any other solution that would protect people from the southern sun.

But the amphitheater turned out good.

<There will be a concert hall and an open-air cinema at the same time.

It's very cool that there are a lot of water in the park.

Again, for the Krasnodar climate it will be a very good place where children can splash in the summer.

More authors have worked very cool with the relief. Everywhere different levels, and if from a bird's eye view it's just a beautiful pattern, then from the visitor level of the park here you and the canyons and hills. Walking in such a space is not annoying.

View from above

Public catering. By spring there will be a roof terrace.

Many objects are already ready. Now there are sports grounds, a climbing wall, a skate park, an amphitheater, a small waterfall, mazes for children ... They promise that in winter the park will also work: an ice rink with artificial ice will open here at the fountain.

That's how the park looks from the ground.

You can walk on the lawn! And note that all trees are adults!

That is, they did not stick a pitiful sticks, but bought high expensive trees. Plants occupy more than half of the park (13,2 ha), all planted 2300 oak trees, Japanese maple, decorative plum and even pine bonsai. And they planted them so that the park changed colors depending on the season.

The park immediately became alive. Do not wait 20 years until the plants grow. Although every year it will be better and better. By the way, trees bought in the same nursery, where they bought plants for Moscow;)


Cyclists lack a separate infrastructure.

Pay attention to how the children's and sports grounds are made. One minus: they are few) All interested persons will be cramped.

Previously, I showed you such sites in Germany. Now they are in Russia.

Everything is done very well.

Zones for all ages.

Very cool, for the whole of Russia such places are units.

Skate Park

I envy the children of Krasnodar.

Again, few sites. Basketball ring is only one.

from the steep zone.

A platform with water!

Such sites are a million times steeper than municipal plastic towns.


You can recall that the stadium Galitsky also built on their money. The arena was built in just 3,5 years, the opening took place last fall. Unlike most new Russian stadiums, this is a club facility, not timed to any mega-project. It is quite compact (for 34 thousands of spectators) and purely football, without racetracks, but with heated stands and with a roof protecting spectators from precipitation.

The stadium immediately became a point of attraction of the townspeople and added fans to the club "Krasnodar" (which, as you have guessed, owns all the same Galitsky). At the same time, "Kuban", which used to be the most popular Krasnodar team, continues to play in the old Soviet stadium.

The quality of work is incredible for Russia.

Such an attention to detail we rarely see.

Do you know a lot of such places that people were photographed opposite the retaining wall?

Now there are a lot of new points for great photos.

Navigation seems to be in the studio Lebedev was done.

> Details

and not all places are ideal.

But in general, just a dump head.

I envy Krasnodar!

Krasnodar is lucky that Sergei Galitsky has a great taste. This is a big rarity for people with money.

The opening of the park caused a huge stir in the city. People are used to the fact that the stadium in Galicia is nice and cozy, and guessed that the park will definitely not be worse.

Residents of nearby high-rise buildings are already indignant that park visitors park in their yards. In fact, Krasnodar time to get used to the fact that to visit the park car is not needed;) Gorky Park in Moscow because there is no parking, as in the "Charge". Maybe it's easier to leave the car in the parking lot near the house and come to the park by bike? Now parking on 1800 cars is in the stadium. If you come to the park not on the day of the match, then this is quite enough, especially since parking is free. And in the days of matches free to park can those who have a ticket. Now the main thing is to work on bicycle infrastructures.

Decoration of the moonroof on the lawn

Of all this beauty, some municipal horrors sometimes break through. But this is a good reason to see how steep public space has turned out, because the sign from the store looks here completely foreign body.

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