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In Russian schools begin to teach the Greek language

Russian Federation Ministry of Education and Science approved the decision of an exemplary educational program of the Greek language (as the second foreign) to 5-9 classes. Textbooks have been published. Introduction of the Greek language in the school curriculum is scheduled for September 1 2017 years - on the condition that it accept the children and their parents.

Recall that in Russian schools with 1 September 2015 year introducedcompulsorylearning a second foreign language. The leadership of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation explained by the fact that foreign languages ​​contribute to the development of memory and intelligence of the child. The introduction of the new subject in stages, provided a five-year transition period.

This year, the curriculum will be included Greek. The agreement was signed in November 2016-between the Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Olgoy Vasilevoy and Deputy Minister of Education of Greece Konstantinos Fotakis. We are talking primarily about schools that are located in the south of Russia, which is home to many ethnic Greeks. The Russian universities will be the Greek department.

- I am encouraged by the interest of Russians to the study of the Greek language. We have a common civilizational code, common religion and common Christian roots, - says Olga Vasilyeva during the signing of an agreement between the Ministries of Education of Russia and Greece.

Alas, her joy is not shared by all. The site "New Crimea" reports that this week Bakhchisarai district parents of schoolchildren have received sheets, questionnaires. "Would you like your child to learn in school Greek language as a second foreign language?" - for education authorities.

- It is surprising is not the fact the introduction of a second language, and language selection. Why Greek? As the Crimean children will be able to apply the lessons of the Greek language skills? Indeed, in terms of sanctions Crimeans do not even have the opportunity to visit Greece or Cyprus. And besides, where to get the teachers? Maybe, in the Crimea since ancient times preserved native speakers, which can now be taught in school? Then some of the options: Ancient or Modern Greek? - Asks "New Crimea".

Textbook Greek for Russian school developed at the Department of Modern Greek Philology of the Kuban State University (Kuban State University). Prepared at the Department of line teaching kit on the subject of "Greek Language" (second foreign language) includes:

  • Tutorial (book for students) - 5-9 classes
  • Tutorial (interactive electronic version)
  • workbook
  • Books for Teachers
  • Audio application (MP3)
  • Work Program "Greek Language"

At the Department of Modern Greek Philology of the Kuban State University operates a certification center, to which the Greek Language Center in Thessaloniki granted the right to receive international exams in the Greek language (A1 levels, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). Today it is the only certification center in the Southern Federal District of the Russian Federation, where it is possible to pass an international exam in Greek.


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