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In Saudi Arabia, we think about the deportation of five million migrants

Saudi Arabia is considering the deportation of five million illegal migrants, ie 20 percent of the population. This was reported on Sunday, March 12, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the newspaper Al Hayat.

According to the agency, now the deportation program is being developed in the Consultative Council (Majlis al-Shura). The initiative comes from the deputy, Dr. Fadhel Sadko.

The authorities fear that migrants will require naturalize them, giving them Saudi citizenship.

The developed program is not the first for Saudi Arabia. So, in 2013, the illegals were given amnesty for seven months, during which all interested persons could legalize their status or leave the country voluntarily. About four million people received official permission to work, left the country nearly a million visitors. Then began mass deportations. The campaign to evict migrants were aimed at reducing unemployment among the indigenous population.

Residents of poor areas of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are often sent to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain in search of a better life. There they engaged in low-skilled labor, mainly as cleaners, nannies, waiters, gardeners and drivers. Moreover, among the migrants there is a gradation in the level of wages - are traditionally at visitors from Pakistan and Bangladesh, it is lower than that of Indians and Filipinos.

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