Today: December 14 2018
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The Polish Sejm a bill on the recognition of the massacre as genocide Volyn

The Polish Sejm a bill on the recognition of the massacre as genocide Volyn

Tags: Poland, Law, Genocide, Nazism, Ukraine, World War II

Polish Peasant Party has brought to the Diet a bill recognizing 11 July Remembrance Day for the victims of genocide committed by the units of the OUN-UPA.

The bill emphasizes that "Volyn crime was organized and massive and is ethnic cleansing and genocide," and 1942-1945 years on the territory of Volyn and Eastern Galicia "victims of crime have become more 100 thousands of innocent Poles, including children ' It transmits "Radio Poland."

"On July 11 2016 73 accounts-th anniversary of the apogee of crimes committed by UPA * in the eastern lands of Poland", - says the decision.

Project authors draw attention to the fact that in recent years in Western Ukraine significantly increased the popularity Stepana Bandery and UPA, which is called the streets and squares in his honor, he set monuments, and Kiev and Warsaw did not respond to what is happening.

Polish Peasant Party deputy Peter Zgozhelsky, which is one of the creators of the bill, said that for the sake of good relations with Ukraine can not "sell the memory of those killed compatriots."

In the Diet are now two more similar authorship of the bill of the party "Kukiz'15" and "Law and Justice".

8 June Polish MP of the ruling party "Law and Justice" Michal Dvorchik said that Ukraine's historical policy aims to "praise the nationalists, who are responsible for the genocide."

3 June letter to the Polish media have criticized Ukrainian officials on the events on the territory of Volyn, in which it called the "tragedy" rather than "genocide".

Volyn massacre - the mass destruction of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army * - OUN ethnic Polish civilian population and, to a lesser extent, civilians of other nationalities, including Ukrainians, on the territory of Volyn, before September 1939 was under the control of Poland, which began in March 1943 years and reached peak in July of the same year. The response of the Polish side started with the end of summer 1943 years, have led to significant loss of life among Ukrainian civilians.

New Ukrainian authorities actually campaigning for the glorification of Nazi collaborators and revision history of the world.

9 April last year, the Ukrainian parliament adopted a law recognizing the organization of OUN-UPA fighters for Ukraine's independence and gave the participants the right to social security. At the same time, the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada voted for the law on the condemnation of the communist regime in Ukraine.

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