Today: December 15 2018
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In Scotland banned the performances of wild animals in circuses

In Scotland banned the performances of wild animals in circuses

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Scotland became the first British region to ban the use of wild animals in the programs of "wandering" circuses, a decision was passed by the local parliament.

Animal rights advocates in Britain have for several years been demanding that the authorities introduce such a ban throughout the United Kingdom. The reason for the ban is called severe conditions in which animals have to live and work, as well as unbearable conditions of transportation.

"The law outlaws the use of wild animals in mobile circuses, which was presented to the parliament in May 2017 by the Minister for Nature, Climate Change and Land Reform Rozannaya Cunningham." On the eve, the law was passed in the third reading by a majority vote by secret ballot, "she said. RIA Novosti on the phone, an employee of the parliament.

Currently, 19 countries have banned the use of animals in mobile circuses or submitted the relevant laws to parliaments: Austria, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, El Salvador, Greece, Israel, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Paraguay, Peru, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia and Slovenia.

The initiative of the Scottish Parliament was welcomed by the organization for the protection of animal rights PETA.

"PETA welcomes the decision of Scotland: Captivity is hell for animals such as tigers and lions, and the circus environment itself can not meet their basic needs." These animals understandably experience stress and depression from being deprived of all necessary and vital , are housed in cages and trailers, and are transported throughout the country and forcibly appear in the arena, performing tricks that match the notions of Victorian entertainment, "the statement received by RIA Novosti PETA.

The organization hopes that the example of Scottish parliamentarians will be followed by members of the House of Commons of the country's parliament, who "years promise to lead the same ban."

"You can help by asking the Minister of Natural Resources to put an end to this cruel show ... Premier David Cameron assured the British public that such a ban will be introduced in England and Wales by January of the year 2015, but this promise has not been fulfilled," the statement said.

Public consultations on the introduction of a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses in Scotland were held in 2015 year. About 98% of their participants voted for the introduction of restrictions. More than 13 thousand activists appealed to the authorities of the region with a request to adopt such a law as soon as possible. The first hearing of the bill passed 5 October.

Denis Voroshilov
RIA News
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