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12.03.2017 - 08: 13

The Syrian Tartus modernization of the Russian navy began points

Russia has begun to modernize the item of the Navy of the Russian Federation in the Syrian Tartous, said the head of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security Viktor Ozerov.

"What concerns Tartus, I will not deny that even already during our visit (Russian senators to Syria in October 2016 year - IF) I was shown a scheme of port development - where some structures and piers will be built. This work is ready and now it is, of course, goes into action, "- he told" Interfax "on Saturday.

When asked whether this means that the item modernization began, the senator replied: "Yes, of course." "Despite the fact that at Tartus agreement is not made in the State Duma, the text of his works since the signing", - said Ozerov.

23 December last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered to sign an agreement between Russia and Syria to expand the territory of the item Logistics Naval Fleet of the Russian Federation in the area of ​​the port of Tartous and sunset Russian military ships in the territorial sea, inland waters and ports of Syria. It is noted that the provisions of the Agreement shall regulate matters relating to the expansion of the territory of the points of logistics of the Russian Navy in the area of ​​the port of Tartus, the development and modernization of its infrastructure, as well as determine the procedure call Russian warships in the territorial sea, inland waters and ports of the Syrian Arab Republic. In addition, the document is determined by the status of the personnel of the point of logistics of the Navy, the family members of staff, as well as the competent authorities of the Russian side.

Ozerov expressed the view that the agreement on the basing points of the Navy of the Russian Federation in Tartus to be ratified in the course of the spring session of parliament. "From my point of view, yes," - he said to "Interfax", answering the question whether the agreement ratified in the spring session.

According to him, the document is subject to ratification, because it will be "a higher level of consolidation of existing agreements."

A source: INTERFAX

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