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Slovakia believes that the concept of multi-speed Europe EU break

The concept of multi-speed Europe may split the EU, for the country instead of the union will begin to differentiate, said Friday the head of the Slovak Parliament Andrej Danko.

The European Commission presented in March 1 "White Paper", which showed five possible scenarios of development of the European Union without the participation of the UK, which, inter alia, provide for the concept of multi-speed Europe.

"Already own proposals for the multi-speed Europe arouse concern among those States that know in advance that they can not withstand a great rate. The happiness of Slovakia that we were the first of the countries of the Visegrad Four (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary) adopted the euro, in we have a lot in advance was ready to join the Schengen area, we can actively respond to the development of the EU, but it is clear that the multi-speed European Union is the EU reform of little help. "- said Danko reporters" on the margins "of the Conference of Heads of EU parliaments in Rome.

Danko offered together to pray for the unity of the European Union and the single-speed for each.

"As soon begin to occur differences (between the EU countries), then the problems begin for Slovakia, for example, in the social sphere because there is the assumption that a social system can pick up the European Union.", - Said Danko.

The main themes of the Extraordinary Conference of EU Speakers of Parliaments in Rome are the future of the EU, summarizing EU 60-years of preparation for the summit of the organization, which will also be held in the Italian capital at the end of this month, as well as the preparation of the text of the declaration to be adopted at the summit .

A source: RIA News

Author: Alexander Kuranov

Tags: Slovakia, EU Policy