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In a disruption of the meeting between Putin and Trump accused the protocol

In a disruption of the meeting between Putin and Trump accused the protocol

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The APEC summit concluded without the Russian-American negotiations was called even by the US media strange. Some experts believe that the relations between the two countries will no longer reach a normal level, moreover, Russia is moving to the periphery of American interests. Others, on the contrary, note that Putin and Trump demonstrated a spirit to solve problems that still have to be solved together.

On Sunday, the Kremlin announced the reason why the parties failed to agree on an official bilateral meeting between the presidents of Russia and the United States on the margins of the APEC summit that ended in Vietnam. "Representatives of Washington offered a time and a place, which they arranged only for them. Time and place did not suit the Russian side, "said Dmitry Peskov, the presidential press secretary.

Donald Trump himself in Hanoi, it would seem, did not seek to seek a dialogue with Moscow. At a joint press conference with Vietnamese President Chiang Dai Kuang, he expressed confidence in US intelligence on the issue of "Russian intervention" in the elections. "I am with our agencies," the US president emphasized.

However, already on board the aircraft, talking with the media, the owner of the White House reversed and "accepted the statement of Vladimir Putin, who denied interference in US elections," states The Washington Post. Trump admitted to journalists that he had talked with Putin not only before the photo session, but even after it "during the round table with the leaders of many countries." "We seem to feel very good each other," said the American leader.

He recalled that he spoke too little with Putin, but "would prefer, you know, work with him (Putin) in Syria ... Ukraine, and not stand and argue about interference in the elections. "Because all this was arranged by the Democrats," Trump stressed. According to him, every time he meets with Putin, raises the issue of interference in the elections, and each time Putin denies this.

"And I believe, I really believe that he says what he feels ... I think he is very insulted by this," Trump said.

During the press conference, Trump voiced another remark that upset the anti-Russian part of the establishment in the United States: "Very serious sanctions have been imposed on Russia against a very high level ... It's time to heal a shocked and broken world ... Russia and the United States must work together on the solution of numerous problems, such as Syria, North Korea, Ukraine, the threat of terrorism. "

The fact that the summit turned out to be "very strange" and done on it was extremely small, CNN noted with regret. However, the CNN observer Jill Dougherty saw in it a new round of development of US-Russian relations and said that Vladimir Putin gave the US hope for their improvement. "President Putin tried to emphasize the positive aspects, ignoring what was very much a disappointment, that is, the fact that the conversation between the two leaders lasted about five minutes," Daugherty pointed out.

In her opinion, Putin's message to Trump about the United States lagging behind its competitors and the transactions that are floating away from the US will be "accurately perceived by President Trump." "Trump believes President Putin, not his security services in the United States," Doherty summed it up.

Indeed, on the eve of the photographing ceremony, the two leaders managed to throw only a few phrases. During the conversation they actively gesticulated. Standing next to the president of Vietnam, Chiang Dai Kuang and Chinese President Xi Jinping preferred not to interfere into the conversation.

As it became known later, Putin and Trump talked about Syria and during a short conversation "on their feet" approved a joint statement on the settlement of the conflict in the UAR.

Trump's surroundings initially referred to the "tight schedule" of the owner of the White House. And Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov noted that the Russian side continues to "patiently work" over its organization. "We do not scrub this meeting. But we are ready for it, and repeatedly said that there are topics that need to be discussed, and the interest of the American side is needed, "former member of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs, former head of the internal policy department of the presidential administration Oleg Morozov, told VZGLYAD.

Vladimir Putin himself, commenting on the failed meeting, stressed that "the relationship between Russia and the United States has not yet emerged from the state of crisis." According to him, this is also connected "with certain formalities of the protocol, which unfortunately our teams were not able to cope with." "Well ... they will be punished for this ..." Putin smiled. At the same time, he described the conversation with Trump "on his feet" as successful, stressing that the parties "discussed everything they wanted."

A number of experts perceived the summit that ended without a bilateral Russian-American negotiations as a failure of Russia. "Despite all of Trump's statements, Russia is gradually withdrawing to the periphery of American politics. There are more serious tasks: China, relations with Europe, and so on, "Alexei Malashenko, a member of the scientific council of the Carnegie Moscow Center, told the newspaper VIEW. This happens gradually, in small things, but this is the general trend, the expert believes.

As for the relations between the US and China, there is a reverse trend. "No friction between them, their relationship will not spoil. The economy will develop, they will find some compromises. From this point of view, the center of influence has already shifted, "the political scientist said.

"The current situation shows that our relations are not at the normal level corresponding to the status of both states," the director of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Foundation for the Study of the United States, Yuri Rogulev, told the newspaper VIEW. Both sides expressed a wish to meet, but there was no real advancement, preliminary preparation of issues that could be discussed, he added. As a result, there was a statement on Syria, and "this leaves hope that the cooperation here will continue." However, there is no readiness to discuss and solve the remaining problems yet.

"Trump himself is in an ambiguous situation because of those investigations about the alleged Russian trail in the election campaign," Rogulev recalled. And while these investigations did not come to an end, it would be ridiculous to offer him steps to improve relations, the expert concluded.

But there are also positive signals. As the political scientist-Americanist Dmitry Drobnitsky reminded the newspaper, "the two presidents noted the good personal contact they have had between them, they both speak respectfully and respectfully the small successes that they managed to achieve in the course of communication." The body language of both leaders also says that they treat each other with respect and are ready to continue the dialogue, he believes.

"But in the US, serious resistance to the continuation of such contact. It is no coincidence here that Lavrov's irritation and his words about the "Tramp's bureaucrats". It is possible that in the environment of both presidents there is no necessary infrastructure and skills that allow making these contacts complete. With this approach, it is difficult to conduct any further business. The problem, diplomatically written off on the formalities of the protocol, was revealed in full growth. It must be urgently resolved, "Drobnitsky stressed.

"The situation hardly suits both. The leaders of the two countries are unequivocally committed to mutual communication. Donald Trump openly said that the exaggeration of the alleged Russian interference in the US elections is an artificial obstacle on the way to establishing cooperation on a number of serious problems that the United States and Russia will still have to solve, there is simply no one else, "he concluded.

Marina Baltachevo
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