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In the US, the president of Syria can be compared with the animal, but not with Hitler

Press Secretary of the White House Sean Spicer had to get out of an awkward situation and explain the word to reporters that the actions of Syrian President Bashar Assad's worse crimes of Adolf Hitler. But it's too late - to accept an apology, it seems, no one is going.

"For the sake of a witticism, and will spare father" - this saying often comes to mind when you listen to some excessively talkative politician. Press secretary - is also a political position, often much to say it is supposed to according to the direct professional duties, not surprising that the statements of official representatives regularly become an occasion for public discussion.

Changing the rhetoric of Donald Trump and the White House as a whole in relation to the Assad seems to be quite in the style of the immortal novel by George Orwell «1984». Even yesterday, Oceania (administration Trump) considered Eurasia (Russia and Syria) reliable allies in the fight against Ostaziey (IG * and Islamist terrorists in general). But today it appears that Oceania is always at war with Eurasia and Ostaziya somehow wait until the next change of concept.

Not surprisingly, the propagandists, among the most important of which is certainly the case, White House spokesman Shon Spayser, now I have to is not easy. With a sharp reversal in the 180 degree may even bring an experienced driver. That is what happened to dedicate the last 20-odd years of his life PR captain second rank Spicer. It skidded.

Explaining once again why he is the boss decided to launch a missile attack on a Syrian airfield, a White House spokesman, he said in part: "We are not even used chemical weapons during World War II ... Even Hitler was not down to the use of chemical weapons."

I wanted to tell Spicer - is understandable. Actually, Germany, like other members of the Second World War, did not use bombs to chemical weapons, for bombing the enemy territory. In contrast, by the way, from the United States in Vietnam "agent orange"Of course, not as deadly as sarin, but also quite a chemical weapon.

Let's go back to Hitler. I do not use it for filling chemical weapons bombs, but how it was possible to forget about the gas chambers, is hard to say. Almost impossible. Skidded captain second rank.

When you try to clarify what he meant, at Spicer got worse. This is, again, a characteristic finding in the drift - it would seem logical actions lead to deterioration of the situation.

To the journalist's request to explain the allegations that Hitler did not use chemical weapons, Spicer replied: "I think that if we talk about sarin gas, then he did not apply it against his own people in the way Assad does." Recall that in the concentration camps there was no distinction for Jews - citizens of Germany and other countries. They destroyed everyone.

Reporters at the briefing Spicer reminded about the Holocaust. "He used it in the center of the Holocaust, I understand this" - said the White House spokesman, referring to the concentration camps.

The phrase "Holocaust centers" aroused no less indignation than the assertion that Assad worse than Hitler. If the concentration camp - a "Holocaust Center", then Guantanamo - a Intercultural Center, says one of the comments on the statement of Spicer.

After that Spicer began to make excuses, but it seems to accept his apology no one is going.

"I'm not trying to diminish the horrific nature of the Holocaust. I tried to draw the dividing line between the tactics of the aircraft in order to relieve chemical weapons on human settlements. Any attack against innocent people is unacceptable "- he said in an official letter sent to the press service of the White House.

In response, CEO of the Center for mutual Anne Frank in the US Steven Goldstein called Donald Trump fire his press secretary "immediately".

"Statement Spicer is the worst insult a group of people that we have ever heard from the press secretary of the White House," - the statement says Goldstein, which was published on the center's Facebook page.

In an interview with CNN White House once again expressed their deepest regret: "I mistakenly made unseemly and tactless reference to the Holocaust, which can not be any comparison. I apologize for that. It was a mistake to do so. "

But it was too late to dismiss Spicer demanded the leader of the Democratic Party in Congress Nensi Pelosi. "Shona Spaysera be dismissed, and the president of Trump must immediately disassociate themselves from the statements of its representative. Either he spoke on behalf of the president, or the president did not have to hire him "- she said.

As soon as morning came to Eurasia (the continent, and not the State of Orwell's novel), to comment on the "discovery" of the White House began to representatives of other countries.

Vice-speaker of the Israeli parliament Nachman Shai, in particular, said: "Spicer, a spokesman for the White House, urgently needed a history teacher. Hitler used chemical weapons on a scale which mankind has never known before and, I hope, will see after. "

Israeli Transport Minister and Intelligence Yisrael Katz, in turn, called word Spicer outrageous and urged the representative of the White House to apologize or resign. "There is a moral obligation to stand above political considerations," - he said in his Twitter.

By the way, Katz is still the only one who agreed to accept the apology press secretary of the White House, "Spicer did well to apologize," - he wrote later called the incident settled.

Will Spicer after National Security Advisor Michael Flynn resign or charges of contempt of Holocaust victims in the United States today are not as severe as in the meeting with the Russian ambassador, it is not clear.

One thing is clear - Spicer killed inattention to Internet culture. If he knew about Godwin's Law, according to which the mention of Hitler is an actual admission of defeat in any dispute, it probably would hurl poosteregsya remember the Fuehrer of the Third Reich, and even more so for someone to compare with him.

Donald Trump, in turn, demonstrated that it is far more skillful demagogue than his spokesman. In an interview with Fox Business, referring to his Syrian counterpart Bashar al-Assad, he said in part: "If Russia did not go and did not support the animal would not have been a problem."

And not a single indignant statement on the part of animal advocates!

A source: LOOK

Author: Anton Krylov

Tags: USA, Politics, Chemical weapons, Hitler, Holocaust, Syria, Assad