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In the capital of Cyprus beat a woman courier and stole 20 000 euros

On Monday, May 15, the building of a bank in Nicosia was attacked by a woman courier. Kidnapped 20 000 euros. Police are trying to find the robbers, who did not hide their faces. Cypriot authorities released recommendations on the transport of large amounts of cash.

The attack occurred in the metropolitan area of ​​the Acropolis. When 50-year-old woman out of the car in the parking lot, she was attacked. According to witnesses, one of the robbers grabbed her from behind and squeezed her mouth. The other two have caused the lady a few punches, knocking her to the pavement, grabbed the bag of money, and then fled. The woman was taken to the machine "Ambulance" in the hospital. Doctors gave her help and go home.

Eyewitnesses helped the police draw up emergency identikits of robbers who did not hide their faces behind masks or hoods. They came to the bank in advance. Apparently waiting for a specific carrier. The investigation team is studying CCTV footage in an area where the crime was committed.

According to police, the additional security measures taken to protect their bank branches, have yielded results. Now criminals are switched on collectors, couriers and office currency exchange. Authorities recommend that companies dealing with the delivery of cash, to strengthen measures to protect their employees and transported money.

Recommendations on the Transport of money. Police reminder of the Republic of Cyprus:

  • Each carrier must remember that he is a potential victim of robbers. Failure to comply or partial compliance increases the likelihood of a robbery.
  • Transportation of cash should be carried out on the vehicle. Never use a motorcycle or moped. The way the doors and windows should be locked.
  • Each carrier or collector must be accompanied by at least one other person. For transportation of money you need to use a special case, which must be stored in a safe place in the car.
  • It is not necessary to approach close to the cars that are ahead. This will help prevent the possibility of blocking the robbers car.
  • Arriving at the building, where the money should be transferred, it is necessary to park in the place that gives a full overview of the CCTV cameras. Before you leave the car, you should look around for suspicious cars and personalities. In case of detection of suspicious people or transport, you should immediately call the police by phone 112 or 199.
  • It is necessary to periodically change the times and routes of delivery of money. It is recommended to make several trips carrying at a time less money.
  • Avoid delivery of money in the dark. It is better to establish a reliable safe in the company's building and to keep the money there until the morning.
  • It makes sense to use the services of professional companies engaged in collection and equipped with special vehicles for the transport of cash.


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