Today: March 22 2019
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Prospect Omeru in the capital of Cyprus

Prospect Omeru in the capital of Cyprus

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Since yesterday, Omirou Avenue in Nicosia will be closed at one of the central sites for repair and construction of parking. The date of completion of the work is still unknown.

17 May at 10 hours of the morning repair work began: Omirou Avenue in Nicosia will be closed on the gap from Eleftherias Square to the intersection with Anastasiou G. Leventi. On this site, asphalt covering and road marking will be updated, two new sidewalks are laid, the carriageway is expanded. Here, the lighting and equipment will be changed to a more modern one.

This segment will gain new comfort. A public toilet will be installed near the bridge. Descent and ascent to the bridge is equipped with stairs and elevators, writes Reporter. But the main thing, for the sake of which the part of the prospect is blocked - is the construction of a large parking lot. It will have 147 seats and will serve as a "unloading" point for nearby organizations and residential buildings.

The project for the renovation of the center of Nicosia is partly funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the "Competitiveness and Sustainable Development 2014 - 2020" program. The other part of the funds is taken from the State budget and the budget of the municipality of Nicosia.

The capital's drivers need to be attentive in the areas near the overlapped Omeru Avenue. On adjacent roads (Makarios avenue, Anastasiou G. Leventi, Evagora and the open section of Omir), new temporary signs will appear that regulate the flow of traffic. They help drivers navigate with the bypass.

Irina Zhmaeva
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