Today: January 18 2019
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In the capital of Cyprus began to steal grilles for the spillway

In the capital of Cyprus began to steal grilles for the spillway

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In Nicosia, the spillway grilles on the roads are stealing. Unknown attackers simply remove the grilles, leaving nothing closed hole, reports Reporter. Inattentive pedestrians and motorists are at risk of it. In connection with this, a warning has been issued about the increased cautiousness of movement along the roads and sidewalks of the capital.

The municipality of Nicosia has already taken all the necessary actions to catch the thieves. It was written to the police, and law enforcement officers began to search for the kidnappers. Until they are caught, pedestrians should be carefully looked under their feet, so as not to fall and not get injured. The same is true for drivers: it's more cautious to drive. Parents should be vigilant towards their children in order to avoid dangerous situations.

The city authorities also ask the citizens for help in solving the problem. If there is a lack of a weir grid, call the municipality by calling 22-797-007 and report the theft. This line is open from Monday to Friday from 7: 45 in the morning to 15: 45 hours of the day. At other times, you can contact the Technical Service at 99-5445-22. If the absence of a grating is a serious danger, you must call these numbers as soon as possible to prevent a possible accident or accident.

Irina Zhmaeva
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