Today: 24 September 2018
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The capital of Cyprus closed the zoo, the fate of three thousand animals in question

The capital of Cyprus closed the zoo, the fate of three thousand animals in question

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On Friday, the authorities of the capital of Cyprus made an official statement - the zoo "Melios" in Nicosia is closed. The reason is banal - the owner of "Mylios" has completed the license.

And although the validity of the authorization documents has ceased yet 25 September, the zoo "Melios" in Nicosia continued to work until the day before yesterday: the owner refused to close the zoo and continued to manage the zoo and the neighboring pet store without any licenses.

Moreover, the administration of the zoo has already filed a statement of claim to the veterinary service, and the case is being investigated. The owner of the zoo claims that many parks with animals work on the island without any permits: no one has any claims to them. He considers all accusations to be illegal.

Meanwhile, the municipality of the city is considering the future of 3 thousand animals that are now in the zoo Melios.

Recall that this is not the first scandal around a private park for animals. In summer, the administration of Meliosa filed an announcement that they sell deer and moufflon. This caused great indignation among the public. Even then, the Green Party and animal rights advocates demanded to punish the owners of the zoo and deprive them of their licenses.

Natalia Kudlay
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